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At 11:44am on October 20, 2015, FAITH DAHABO said…

am dahabo i want you to
contact me on my email i
have important thing
to discus wit you,

At 3:27pm on November 4, 2013, Georgia Wells said…

Hi Diane,

I am glad Black Authors is growing.  Have let life disconnect me but I am

trying to connect back with Black Authors.











At 9:16pm on July 5, 2012, Diane said…
Sometimes a second line just breaks out. Damn I love New Orleans! @ the Bayou Soul Writers and Readers Conference.
At 2:51pm on March 22, 2011, Will Glenn gave Diane a gift
At 2:27am on December 5, 2010, Moesha Barber said…
Hi and thank you.I will and i will do that too.i can do both i just have to balance it all.that's very cool i was thinking of going to a art college instead of a medical college.i will always stay true to myself and i will surely do that :)
At 3:42pm on September 16, 2010, melesha oglen said…
Thanks check it out at
At 11:53am on September 16, 2010, PLEASETTA GRACE said…
Wonderful to receive an acknowlegement of your ability to still breathe...
At 8:22am on August 15, 2010, Wendy Raven McNair said…
Thank you, Diane. I'm glad we met and hope you have a safe trip home.
At 9:48pm on July 25, 2010, Mary said…
it's so good to know the site will stay open.
At 2:34pm on July 25, 2010, Hellen Adom gave Diane a gift
Greetings all, wishing everything is going well n your world. Thought to take a moment and wish you well.. Moor luv. Hellen....
At 7:24pm on July 12, 2010, Juanita Betts said…
Hi Diane,

How are you? Hope all is well, I wanted to share with you an interview I did with Jill, last night. Just going to say, Thank you so much! Love you....and please go to my website to listen. :-)
At 9:04pm on April 28, 2010, Serena W said…
Hey Diane, wanted to give you a shout since it's been a while since I last checked in. Check out my blog post that I wrote talking about my journey since I've been back in the DC area. Be blessed.
At 6:09pm on February 27, 2010, Jill said…
*Waving To *Diane*

*THANK YOU! Good to Hear From YOU! I Pray all is well :)

OPEN INVITATION Join Us Anytime . I'd Be Honored to Interview YOU~A Acknowledgment For All You Do Within The Literary Field!

I have dates in March available Let me know if you are interested

At 4:11pm on November 14, 2009, Patricia Cooper-Small gave Diane a gift
At 2:46am on September 28, 2009, Kim Wilson said…
Love your site. When your time permits visit mine at: and on facebook (same photo). Thanks.
At 6:45am on September 7, 2009, Terry the Warrior Reece said…
Amazon has gotten more copies in supply, and Barnes and Noble has supplies available. GET YOUR Exciting Copy NOW!
My Publisher's dedicated "©The Closet Cove" web site page.
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A world of ancient, evil witchcraft becomes the birthright of a modern family
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At 2:07pm on September 6, 2009, Denise G. Hanney said…
Thank you for your comments. God Bless.
Denise G. Hanney
The Spa Expectations Corp
At 5:29am on September 5, 2009, Jacques Wakefield said…
have u "checked" out my work? I can send u snail mail.
At 9:13am on July 22, 2009, Pastor Orphialasertrella Adams-Taylor said…
thank you for the invitation!
Yes, I would love for you to pronounce my name on your show also.
Just let me know when.
Pastor Orphialasertrella Adams-Taylor
At 12:48pm on July 9, 2009, Ronald T. Jones said…
I gotta represent for the Sith! LOL! Now, where's my lightsaber, I heard we're offing some Jedis!

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