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One Man's Truth......Another Man's Lie

They say the "truth" will set you free. One man's truth is often another man's "lie, fantasy, dream, wish...." The "truth" in today's society seems to be what you can live with......what you can endure.

The truth is not easy and is even harder for one to decipher when approached with that lie. After all most of what we do, who we are, and who we want to be begins with a touch of deception. We live in a world of appearance and image. We change everything from the color of our eyes to the wrinkles we may receive as we age. Weaves, wigs, makeup, color contacts, name it we seek to make the perfect image. The truth is the under layer to what we see most people as....... acceptable.

Being honest....truthful no longer gets you the better job, the better relationship, and yes we lie to ourselves when we seek those things trying to be truthful. Our resume may very well tell our employer who we are, the perfect employee. However, we may leave a bit of the truth off the application because we want to be marketable. So leave off a few of your accreditations, wouldn't want to be over qualified. Don't mention the problems you had on the last job......or make up employment totally. Our education, a proud accomplishment, until your boss has only an Associates Degree and you have a Master's. "Dummy Down" who you are, to get what you want....what a lie.

So what about that little white matter how you define it, it is not the truth and it most certainly does not set you free. Yes, for instant gratification you are free with your lies, and the truth is hard to find after you've told so many. But the reality is a lie will weigh heavy the longer you stand by it giving it support. There is no substitute for the truth.

The truth can be raw, it can be painful to you and the recipient. The truth tugs at your heart, your mind and your soul. Can you stand the reaction of your friends, family and contacts if you really told the truth about everything? By nature we look for the easy way out......the lie.

It is said "Thou shalt not lie", "The truth will set you free", are we listening? Is the fate we meet by telling the truth worse than the fate we meet when telling a lie? Stripping the surface, erasing the layers of lies that have covered other lies, leaves one vulnerable. Scared, we forget what has been said and seek to move on without the almighty truth. We'll deal with the repercussions later.

Well now later is here. Your relationships are unbalanced......all of them. You are not living your passion. Your health, both physical and mental show the affects of living the lies. Standing up, shouting out, fighting for, fighting against........the truth or the lie........this is the struggle.....and as long as we are struggling to be true to ourselves.......we are not free.

Copyright 2012
Nanette Buchanan

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