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The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement is an underground movement started back in nineteen ninty one by Emmanuel Barbee. He consider himself as a Christian Socialist and he is also an urban author of the new book "The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, and Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America." He is trying to create a new political system starting in Black America called "Democratic Socalist Party." He has been a community activist for years. He is a native from Chicago Illinois; despite his constant threats from criminals within his community he has been on the front line trying to unify his community the black ghetto. He has shown resilience from being illegally taken away from his home and being force to become award of the state foster care system (Department OF Children and Family Services) "DCFS." His many trials and tribulations have made him the man he is today. Despite his dyslexia he graduated from Crane High School and at Northeastern Illinois University with a Bachelor's Degree in liberal arts.

He also provides the reader with direct contact with him to discuss the issues and offers solutions to solve these issues step by step. Emmanuel is on 300 different online social networks and he interact with at least 125,000 around the country. He assist those who have accepted his hand of friendship with finding grants and scholarships for college, along with finding small business grants, affordable housing in their state; and legal services; employment all for free on his many online journals. He also have several online groups one for his Christian friends and also for his Non-Christian friends. He encourage his members to interact with each other as well as with him. His goal for creating several online groups is to eventually unite all his friends from around the country once he has a place of business in every major city in America. He explains to his friends and associates that he will work with them and their immediate family for life as long as they keep the lines of communication open with him.

In the book he also mention his non-profit/for-profit organization in every ghetto in America. His organization "The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement" aim is twofold. One is to recruit prospective professional readers and the other is to seek Single Black Mother's and Single Black Father's who reside in the ghetto that might want to use his services. His organization will provide resources to help low income families with their children from birth until they complete High School. His organization will also assist young Black Men to avoid the streets and be productive citizens. If the black community support him and accept the principles behind his movement then Emmanuel will move his organization from behind a computer into every ghetto in America. He will provide employment, community resources, and online support groups.

Phase I

Through this book Emmanuel hope to attract the attention of professionals with backgrounds in Business Administration, Accounting, and Law; Grant Writers; Social Workers and others with no degrees to first join my administrative team before he move his organization into the hood. He says that we can’t afford to allow politics to continue to play with the lives of our people that are trapped in American ghettos.

Phase II

Once He gets his organization established in his former neighborhood he will operate the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement into several components. One function would be a vocational school, another function would be a spiritual component consist of a Christian camp and another would consist of a Islamic camp for members personal development. And yet another would be an employment component for those that are members of GRCAM. The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement would hire members first within the community and also provide job training for those who lack the skills for the positions we have available. Emmanuel also plan on having a second chance program for ex-felons to give them a chance to reenter the job market as well as our at-risk youths. He will also serve single black mothers and single black fathers with their children I explain in depth in my book. Finally, this organization will teach his clients about the importance of voting and about Democratic Socialism.

What makes this organization different from past black organizations is that each person in the Chicagoland area would have to be interviewed by Emmanuel and each person would have to sign a consent form about taking personal accountability and responsibility and be added to the organization database. Some of GRCAM programs will be available to the public based on the nonprofit division. The for profit the organization will charge a small fee for services. Emmanuel had this vision 19 years ago but no one wanted to work with him in getting his organization up and running. Emmanuel has been writing about his vision online and creating online groups but few have heed his message. He finally took his vision to the next level by writing his book "The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, and Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America." Will Black America stand with him in standing up against the system "Capitalism" that got all it's wealth from African slaves way before the Industrial Revolution began.

Emmanuel only want to work with resonable brothers, sisters, and others in his cause and he is only responsible for those under his leadership and for those who accept the principles behind this movement. Emmanuel has always worked behind the scenes rather than trying to prove to others just how good a person he is but instead he has shown genuine concern for his people that are suffering in poverty and that are trapped in American ghettos due to a bias system that created classism and racism.

Emmanuel can't wait any longer for established black organizations in Chicago to partner with his cause. He can't wait on career politicians to decide rather to fund his program to improve the condition of those living in the inner city ghettos. He is starting a vocational school that will teach his student in a different way from traditional vocation schools. If interested in working directly with Emmanuel read his new book and if you are in agreement than email him your first name and leave a contact number for him to reach you.

If interested in investing in his cause come to Chicago and meet him in person he will share with you his business plan. This organization is a way for Emmanuel Barbee to give back to his community and to his people. All racial groups are welcome to join his organization just as long as they accept the principles behind his organization no exceptions. His organization is for reasonable brothers, sisters, and others. They pick up where The Civil Rights Movement left off which was “The Poor Peoples Campaign” His organization is for both Christians and Non-Christians. No Criminals, No Active Gang Members, and No Half Steppers allowed.

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