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Good Morning!

Oh what a Happy Day! I don't know about you but Jesus has washed my sins away. How is everyone? Blessed I'm sure! I was on a blogtalk radio show last night with Rhonda White. If anyone would like to listen it you can go to her site. She does several shows but has different guest every Mon. 5:30-7:00. I received many compliments and prayers from the call-in listeners. I also was requested to be on another show by a caller and received an offer to come to Atlanta to speak to a Women's Ministry. I say God is GOOD. So whenever you consider throwing in that towel think about it twice. As just yesterday HE said "call HIM up and tell HIM what you need". I called and gave it all over to HIM. I could no longer fight the battle alone. The burdens began to pull from my body. I had a NEW ATTITUDE and each time the old tried to come back HE sent forces to keep it off of me. I say AIN'T NOBODY LIKE JESUS. Give HIM some of your time.

Be Blessed,

So But I call to God, and the LORD saves me.
Psalm 55:16


How many of you are weighed down with a bunch of luggage that is filled with nothing but burdens? It gets pretty hard to move around. Sometimes people ask why I walk so slow. I could open my bag and then they would see. You can give it over to Jesus. When others see you they don't know the troubles that you've gone through. You could've walked from out of a dark home, no money in your pocket, a companion who beats you, bills overdue. They DON'T know. However others are so quick to judge. The word says let he who is without sin cast the first stone. When someone gives me a black robe and a gavel I'll take the position on. Until then I'll leave that position open.

As I previously mentioned I went to a prayer breakfrast on Saturday Aug 2, 2008. This prayer breakfast actually extended into the luncheon hours. The Father, may believe you're playing that word game, first sounds like. SPEECHLESS! I rested a moment once I did get home and began checking messages online. There were several greetings from a new network that I joined so I started there. I had people welcoming me. So I began to respond and send messages to other new members as well. I came across a member named Adrian. Adrian had music on her page as many do. People always compliment my music I had not added mine to this group as of yet. She had 2 songs. The 1st song "YOU DON'T KNOW" had me going so much I had to bring up another screen just to continue doing what I had started.

As I continued to greet other members the music stopped. The 2nd song didn't play. I didn't think too much of it. So I played the first song again. This time the Holy Spirit was released. I couldn't type, I couldn't do anything but PRAISE THE LORD. I could only sing along saying, YOU DON'T KNOW THE BLESSINGS HE'S GIVEN TO ME. YOU DON'T KNOW LIKE I KNOW because HE'S A HEALER, HE'S A PROVIDER, YOU SHOULD KNOW HIM LIKE I KNOW HIM. YOU DON'T KNOW THE THINGS THAT THE LORD HAS DONE FOR ME. The more I PRAISED OH PRAISE HIS NAME. The things seemed to get lighter the luggage seemed to disappear. By the time the song ended I was almost at my front door. The chair I was sitting in had wheels but I was doing a stomp. I had made it to the front door from the other side of the room. YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THE LORD IS DOING FOR ME.

What was really AMAZING to me, after that song I started hearing a storm. Anyone that knows me, knows that when I pray really hard there is always a THUNDERSTORM. Where did it come from? It was the next song, tell me God wasn't working with that. As my books deal with storms, not thunderstorms, but the first time I prayed to the Lord to make a change in my life there was a terrible "thunderstorm". Adrian, I THANK YOU! My spirit THANKS YOU! God THANKS YOU! Jesus THANKS YOU! I did a Holy Ghost Stomp and nobody is mad but the devil and he is a liar. Let everybody say that I AM HEALED. THANK YOU FATHER in your precious name. I pray for the networks and all of my "new" friends. I pray for all of my readers those who sick make them whole once again, those who are need of employment guide them to a place that will work for You. Bless us all Father and forgive our sins. We thank You for all You have done and the blessings yet to come. Place Your hands over all of our ministries to broaden our horizons and for us to move forward in which we will build up Your kingdom. This is our prayer in the precious name of Jesus Hallelujah Amen.

Oh and by the way that 2nd song was I Turn To You by Christina Aguilera. The Lord can take a load off of you.

You Don't Know
by: Kierra KiKi Sheard

I can remember my mother told me
Don't let no one speak for me
When it comes down to His blessings
No one can give Him praise for me but me
Just trust God
He'll always come through for you
Yes He will (I know, I know that)
I believe, cause my eyes have seen what
Miracles He can do, mountains that He can move
All things are possible through Him

I'm tellin you!

You don't know
The blessings that He's given me, you don't know
Like I know
Even if I had a thousand tongues, I'd need more
You should know
What He's done for me, He can do for you
You can tell it, let me tell you
What the Lord has done for me!

Now let me tell you 'bout what He did for my mother
And at the same time took a load off me
Just when the doctor said that is was over
My God He stepped right in and gave her back to me

He's delivered me
Out of hopeless situations (situations)
And the devil used (used to try to break me)
(But here I stand as) A living testimony
All those who's trustin' Him
Put all your faith in Him
They will never be
Defeated or cheated out of the victory!

It is my desire to give comfort, peace, and joy while riding "Through The Storm".

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Comment by Clevette Harris on August 24, 2008 at 4:05am
thank you for giving me joy...the past few days i've read nothing but beautiful, positive, responses to my writings. Encouraging words is always something that is needed. Thank you.

Comment by Mary Ann Duhart on August 13, 2008 at 11:02am
We All Have A Cross

No need to worry, no need to fear
About all that I’m going through.
Everyone has their cross to bear and
That also includes you.
Your cross may not be the same as mine
But yet you must go through.
You must also bear your cross
Regardless of what others say or do.

Into our lives some rain must fall
Or how else would things grow.
We need the water from day to day
To wash within our soul.

No need to worry I’ve past my test
No matter how hard it seemed.
I’ve put my trust in a living God
He knows the beginning and end of all things.
He knows exactly what lies ahead and
The detours I must take.
I will follow his leading and guidance
For in Him there are no mistakes.

ã 2008 Mary Ann Duhart
August 12-2008
You know Sis it is the enemy's job to send us distraction so we can move our focus on him, and not on Him (God). When there is ministry in us getting ready to be birth the enemy gets scared and does anything he can to get us done. Continue to look to the hills from whence cometh your help. Work till the day is done. Amen...

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