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I would like to TESTIFY that the Lord has truly turned my life around. HE is my FRIEND. Now HE has given me a new FRIEND. Not everyone is a friend. Many like to use the word loosely but do you really…

I would like to TESTIFY that the Lord has truly turned my life around. HE is my FRIEND. Now HE has given me a new FRIEND. Not everyone is a friend. Many like to use the word loosely but do you really know what the word means. The Lord is your friend because HE will travel to the end for you. My new friend was there when I was feeling like it was the end.

I made a call, 555-LORD. If you don't have the number try using it more often. HE'll enjoy speaking with you. I needed something to get me through the night. At my church we always says, "I NEED YOU, YOU NEED ME, and WE BOTH NEED GOD". Look at what the Lord sent me.

"Dear Clevette, I know about seizures, I have had them every since I was a child. Finally after I moved to Florida I found a good Neurologist, and the time he took with me and the medication has helped me greatly.
I have not had a seizure since 1998, and I feel fine most of the time, on occasion I feel a slight aura, but nothing happens. So I really feel Blessed.
I will keep you in my Prayers, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.
May Almighty God keep your name in His memory and bring you peace. I know that there are times things get hard, but with Prayer I find I can deal with it. MY medical problems will not go away, and so I ask God to continue to give me the strength to deal with all of my aches and pains. I take 9 medications a day and sleep with a c-pap machine.

I have Heart problems with stents, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Scoliosis, Fibromialgia, Anemia requiring, Iron fed, and Procrit, and others that I call just annoyances. I am thankful though, as I can maintain myself, and I have wonderful Doctors.

Just hold on,Clevette, and continue to ask Almighty God to send the Holy Spirit to be with you and to give you courage. He is greater than any Doctor.
Any time you feel down send me a note, and I will Pray with you right here on this site.

Here is some words that I hope will help you.

Most Gracious and Heavenly father, I have met a new friend recently, and she is having a difficult time right now. My Father I ask in the name of your only Begotten Son Jesus Christ that you help her, send the comforter (Holy Spirit) to give her relief. I know that according to Revelation there will come a time that we will feel no pain, and no worries, until you are ready to bring about that time, we will Pray to You for help, knowing that as lovers of You and your inspired word The Bible, we will find peace.
Forgive us for our sins and shortcomings as we forgive all those that may have offended us in any way. We hold no grievances toward any one.
Heavenly Father, Jehovah, We ask all these things in the name of your Son Jesus Christ.
Amen and we all say Amen....

Victoria Pearson..

I now have a new FRIEND who knows my pains and agony. I thank the Lord for having a shoulder to lean on when times get hard.

Also Victoria, that song Oh what friend we have in Jesus...hits home and rings really loud. Thanks for everything.

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