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Lazy hands make a man poor,

but diligent hands bring wealth.

Proverbs 10:4

Listen to advice and accept instruction,

and in the end you will be wise.

Proverbs 19:20


"One Nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all". Saying those words from the heart, making that pledge when surrounded amongst many feels warm. The whether you speak of the government, business organizations, educational… Continue

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Good Morning,

I pray you all had a FANTASTIC weekend. We're being blessed each day. I would like to thank everyone for their prayers this past week. My mother made it to her sisters bedside before she went home. Our Father heard the call. That shows anointed blessings and prayers were answered. Each of you please keep an open line with the Lord. HE is listening and will respond.

Peace Be With… Continue

Added by Clevette Harris on August 25, 2008 at 9:13am — 1 Comment




Good Morning!

Oh what a Happy Day! I don't know about you but Jesus has washed my sins away. How is everyone? Blessed I'm sure! I was on a blogtalk radio show last night with Rhonda White. If anyone would like to listen it you can go to her site. She does several shows but has different guest every Mon. 5:30-7:00. I received many compliments and prayers from the call-in listeners. I also was requested to be on another… Continue

Added by Clevette Harris on August 5, 2008 at 11:12am — 2 Comments


I wanted to share this mornings writing with everyone as we all go through trials & tribulations.



Good Morning!

I hope and pray everyone is doing well. Today is a beautiful day. The sun is shining, so I say that JOY has come this morning. Let us give praises to the Lord. I've just had a phenomenal weekend and the Lord said if you don't tell somebody about me. If you didn't know I have to tell you that Jesus is LOVE. I have… Continue

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I'm just in receipt of "Blessed Assurance" my third and most recent release. The only thing that I could do was spread my arms far and wide. Feeling just a crisp breeze, the stream rolls and I say Thank You Jesus. I'll get up there with You Lord. It's been a long battle but I'll continue to fight another day. THANK YOU Lord because it was for me that you died! Here's a touch with me and my open heart......

pg 9

“let… Continue

Added by Clevette Harris on May 29, 2008 at 1:39pm — 2 Comments


I have a little over 300 people that I haven't been speaking to. So I jumped up rather abruptly to talk them. I had a lot to say because the "Morning News" I had not been writing everyday. If you would read with me....I say that Jesus works it. Prior to sending it out, I received the prayer request. It came from my sister Cleverne for someone she knew. She only gave a brief description but said that I would know what to do. I can only say that Jesus CAN WORK IT OUT. HALLELUJAH! Let us give HIM… Continue

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I would like to TESTIFY that the Lord has truly turned my life around. HE is my FRIEND. Now HE has given me a new FRIEND. Not everyone is a friend. Many like to use the word loosely but do you really…

I would like to TESTIFY that the Lord has truly turned my life around. HE is my FRIEND. Now HE has given me a new FRIEND. Not everyone is a friend. Many like to use the word loosely but do you really know what the word means. The Lord is your friend because HE will travel to the end for you. My new friend was there when I was feeling like it was the end.

I made a call, 555-LORD. If you don't have the number try using it more often. HE'll enjoy speaking with you. I needed something to… Continue

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Faithful is our God

I know that you believe that

but sometimes you doubt it.

Do me a favor?

Can you all say it with me,

Because I am so overwhelmed...

Just say it one time... COME ON ...

Faithful is our God

That was good but I didn't feel everyone

I want you to feel the way that I do. So even

if you're a believer or not, will you say it



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Releasing A Part Of Me

I have to give you all a standing ovation. Who would've ever thought that you could have such a mixture of talents. I can carry them all around until waving my hands and then going "open says me". By my side whenever I may be feeling good, bad, up, or down. You're all something special and that's what is important to me and G O D. So I thank you for opening your arms, voices, hearts, and minds so freely.

As part of our profile it asks if you've released your inner book as of yet. I… Continue

Added by Clevette Harris on May 14, 2008 at 3:34am — No Comments


Before I joined this site I already stood a post for the Lord. I "ASKED" God for guidance and HE swung open several doors. I landed in a few spots before coming here. The only difference was that here it felt more like home and somehow said "have your way with me". Today I'd like to share with you my first writing after I clicked by heels 3 times. The only difference is now I have 2 homes. Thank you so much for the experience.



Good… Continue

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I received information pertaining to the ISBN #'s see below:

1. Does your book have an ISBN (International Standard Book Number)?

We use the ISBN to track inventory and sales information. An ISBN is a ten-digit number that specifically identifies your title. NOTE: On January 1, 2007, the book industry will begin using 13 digit ISBNs to identify books in global trade. For further information, please go to

ISBNs are furnished… Continue

Added by Clevette Harris on May 5, 2008 at 4:00pm — 1 Comment

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