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How to Market Your Book in Your Email Signature

As an author your email signature is a fantastic place to distinguish yourself and stand-out from the crowd of emails that your recipients receive. In fact, it's an excellent way to unobtrusively market your book to all your email recipients. Let's do the math about the size of this marketing opportunity ... if you send an average of 10 emails a day you've got over 300 opportunities a month to tell your email recipients (clients, coworkers, friends, family and vendors) about your… Continue

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They take my kindness for weakness.

They take my silence for speechlessness.

They consider my uniqueness strange.

They call my language slang.

They see my confidence as conceit.

They see my mistakes as defeat.

They consider my success accidental.

They minimize my intelligence to potential.

My questions mean I'm unaware.

My advantage is somehow unfair.

Any praise is preferential treatment.

To voice my concern is… Continue

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Ten Things Rookie Authors Do To Mess Up Their Non-Fiction Book Success

First time authors just don’t know what they don’t know. Learn and be better prepared to maximize your potential for book sales and publishing success. Here are the top ten things we find that are most likely to sabotage that first book effort:

1. No book development, publishing and market planning – Rookie authors believe they must run when the creative muse calls and ignore the reality of what it really takes to successfully write, publish and market a book. If you want to write a… Continue

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How Book Authors Can Negotiate A Book Royalty

How Book Authors Can Negotiate A Book Royalty

The hardest part as a book author may not be the writing, nor book marketing or finding a book publisher. Negotiating with a publisher also may not be as difficult -- that is, if you educate yourself about what is rightfully yours as the creator of the work. The book contract could come easy. What is the hardest part? The hardest part is preventing the book publisher from taking advantage of you.

Yes, publishers… Continue

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ZONED by Cee Brooks

ISBN: 978-0-9820897-4-3



"I hate being cold," Raine puffed, watching the cloud of smoke escape her mouth. She was damn near frozen, sitting on the iron bench at the deserted bus stop. "Where's the bus?" she thought, pushing up her charcoal gray wool sleeve to steal a quick glimpse at her wristwatch. Cold air seeped into her coat as she tugged on her multi-color fleece gloves. "Shit! Sane people are still in bed! But, no, not me! Rain, sleet or… Continue

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Oops! Out of Time.

Today, for reasons I have yet to determine, my late, paternal grandmother weighs heavily upon my already ultra-engaged mind. Malinda Cartwright was a force of nature - a "piece of work" to be sure. This East Texas-born mother of nine, born in 1889, remained mentally sharp, enjoyed near 20-20 vision, and had all but two of her original teeth when she died at at the age of 104. Until the end, she was… Continue

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God I Want More of You (Show Me Your Glory) - A MUST READ!

Publish date: January 2009, by Georgia Wells

Go from a Surface Relationship to a Higher Level in God

This book is for people who are serious about going higher in God.

You can go higher and higher to a level never imagined, but it depends on you. Moses wanted to see God's glory and experience the very essence of God. He wanted even more of God than he had already experienced. God responded to Moses by letting him know that… Continue

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Tune in tomorrow night at 9pm for the premiere of, Pillow Talk. Pillow Talk is an hour long online radio show hosted by Author of Lust Now Cry Later (Tahanee Roberts), Author of Love Changes, Girls From the Hood Pt IV and the upcoming novel, Full Circle (Ayana Ellis) along with up and coming On Air Personality, Samiyyah Roberts. Join us every Wednesday evening as we bring advice, humor, and real talk to romance and relationships!!!

Tune in Wednesday Evenings at 9PM EST by… Continue

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a short scenario

A short scenario 8-25-09
“Gentlemen , please forgive me for calling this meeting on such short notice.” Sam turns to quickly intercept at the doorway the approach of one of the younger office administrative assistants . As part of her duties she has noticed the select clutch of officials gathering in the conference room . Seeing no one present from…

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Next Training Class - How to Write a Book & Make Money Teleseminar (Aug. 28th 7-8pm)

Next Training Class - How to Write a Book & Make Money Teleseminar (Aug. 28th 7-8pm)…


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Helping you with your manuscript!

We are continuing today with "The Writing Season" Articles. Tune in today and the rest of the week for the articles on The POV Lounge.

These articles contain info on how to complete your manuscript. Please leave your thoughts and advice on these articles on the blog.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Fall Events 2009

Greetings Brothers & Sisters!!!

Though the summer season is about to come to an end, that doesn't mean that we will be left high and dry as far as activities and events are concerned. Here are a few events that I know of that are going on, thanks to the many outlets that we have throughout this network. Much love and appreciation to those that have sent me info about the various festivals, conventions, book fairs, workshops, seminars, and book signings that are happening… Continue

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An excerpt from "Just Another Lonely Knight" written by myself...Carrie L. Macon

Carla excused herself from the table when she saw Tiffany go to the ladies room. It was time for them to have a woman to girl chat. The guys stood up being the gentlemen that they are until she was gone. Lisa and Me’lay had a feeling that Carla was up to something so they followed shortly behind her. Carla addressed Tiffany as soon as she entered the restroom.


“That’s Miss Maxwell, Carla.” Turnabout was fair play. That’s the way she greeted Tiffany upon their first… Continue

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Meet Angela Benson, author of Sins of the Father

Stop by All the Buzz today and meet Angela Benson, author of the Sins of the Father.

Renee Williams
All the Buzz

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Dan Holloway Says, "Bookbuzzr is the Best Widget I've Ever Found on the Web"!

Today we were absolutely thrilled by a comment made by noted novelist and champion of the Free e-Day movement - Dan Holloway in his blog.

In the entry Dan says, "not only do they care about writers - they listen to writers. They respond swiftly to feedback - they will even try to make changes. They actually want to give writers a tool that works for them. And they've succeeded. Bookbuzzr… Continue

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Creating and Selling Your Own eBooks Online

A Guide for Writers and Newbie Internet Entrepreneurs

Selling eBooks (view my ebooks here) is by far my favorite and one of my most profitable ways to make money online. If you enjoy writing, it's easy to do, there are practically no production costs. The best part about creating your own eBooks is that you can make as much money as you want if you know how to write well, market your product, and create the kinds of eBooks that people want… Continue

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Great Party Ideas!

Entertain, inspire and motivate your guests! Book Deborah for your next event.

- Psychic Gathering Parties

- Psychic / Witchdoctor Parties

- Inspirational / Motivational Parties

- Fun with Words Parties

- Themed Parties

Log into the "parties" page at and check out these great party packages.

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“The Rise and Fall”

I’m the author of the phenomenal novel “Just a Season” titled from the religious knowledge referring to a period of time characterized by a particular circumstance, suitable to an indefinite period of time associated with a divine phenomenon called life. During this passage through time I have come to realize that there are milestones, mountains, and valleys that we must encounter. This speaks loudly to the challenges of a proud people - African… Continue

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