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  • cleveland heights, oh
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Broken Family Ties by PC Marks

Started Jul 24, 2008

Broken Family Ties by PC Marks
4 Replies

Started this discussion. Last reply by PC Marks Aug 16, 2008.


Started Jun 10, 2008


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Cleveland Heights- Graduate of Jane Addams Vocational High School, Institute of Computer Mgmt, Student of the Long Ridge Writers Group, Published Freelance Writer, Ambassador of the World’s Largest Poetry Society ( Married Mother of two

Excerpt from Broken Family Ties

Official Site:
Hurricane Alicia Brooks

Grandma never left the table. She was clutching the seventh picture to her heart. Her mason jar of ice water was half empty. Charles was sitting by her side.
In true form, Grandma Alicia began speaking as if the fight witnessed hours ago had never occurred. “This picture here is of Carl and Charles’ father. That jezebel of a momma of yours cheated on Mr. Grover twice. Your momma liked weak men like her Daddy here,” she said pointing nonchalantly to Grandpa Henry. “He kept forgiving and forgiving over and over until you were born Charles.”
Charles said nothing. He looked straight ahead. His focus was intense.
“That’s what broke his spirit. He knew there was no way you could have been his Charles. He suffered a hernia and was told he could father no more children shortly after his one child he bore with your momma. Caroline is the only child that Kevin and Ann had together. You other two are her dirty little secrets, bastards actually,” she said.
Caroline was visibly relieved to find Kevin is in fact her biological parent. She breathed a sigh of relief. “So Grandma is the money mine? Is that what this is leading up to? There is some sort of clause to reveal who their real father is upon our parent’s death? You didn’t know how to tell Carl and Charles?” she asked.
“Unbelievable, you are truly ill in the head. After all I have tried to do for you! After the talk we’ve had not
five minutes ago! All you can think about is money. Would you really let Charles and I finned for ourselves! Caroline, how do we know any of what she is saying is true?” Carl stared at his sister. “Already you are turning on us, what the hell,” he screamed. Grandpa was standing behind him as if he was a fragile piece of China about to crumble to the floor.
Carl was not about to let that happen. He refused to give them the satisfaction of watching him crumble up and die.
Carl snatched the picture out of Grandma’s hand. He stared long and hard. He looked for some sort of resemblance. The man in the picture had a stocky build. He and Ann were about the same height. He could have been Brandon’s dad. He and Charles were short for men. Both were of stocky builds. Carl is six feet even with a slim muscular build.
Carl returned to his seat. He took a deep breath. “What’s his name?”
Grandma looked confused. She didn’t answer right away. She gulped down what was left of her water, paused and turned to Caroline. “You my dear are a lovely child. I hope one day you will find it in your heart to forgive me. I thought it was time to get everything out in the open. No the money isn’t all yours. Kevin being the weakling that he was let that lying no good daughter of mind trick him into believing your brothers were his up until the day they were leaving for New York,” Grandma said.
Carl and Caroline had been asking for years what had happened in New York. Their ears became radars. It was finally about to be revealed. Carl couldn’t stop himself from interrupting.

“Grandma, what is the gentlemen’s name in the picture, I would really like to know. Does he live around here, Does he know he has two handsome young sons, did you know anything about this Grandpa,” Carl asked.
Grandpa didn’t respond. Grandma stood up swiftly. “I am tired. We will finish this tomorrow. Goodnight Miss Grover. Goodnight to the young Misters Smith.” She strutted away from the table with her head held high like a peacock.
Before she reached the hallway leading to the stairs, Charles pounced like a wild ally cat. “Hold the hell up, old lady. This was never in the plan. You told me that my dad was this Kevin Grover person,” he said. “You are lying, he is probably both are dads. I told your crazy old ass, I don’t trust the living and walk careful around the dead. Did you think I was excluding you?”

Charles was in her face. Spit flying out of his mouth. His hands balled into fists. “I don’t think you want to walk away from this right now. You may want to double check your facts. Sit down before I sit you down!”
Not a tear fell down Charles’ cheek. His eyes turned bloodshot red. He seemed to have grown five inches overnight and there had been a rage never seen nor heard exuding from him.
Caroline and Carl sat and stared at their little brother. Grandpa’s lack of reaction was even more frightening. He did not pray, he did not speak, he did not move. The tension inside was threatening to blow the roof sky high.
Grandma Alicia stood frozen in time. Charles was in a demonic trance with a killer grip on her wrists. Their arms trembling, suspended in mid air. Grandma’s trembling caused by fear. Charles’, pure uninhibited hate, and the desire to do bodily harm.
Finally Grandpa stood in place at the table. He walked toward Charles slowly. He got down on bended knee. He was eye level with Charles. Grandpa placed a hand on each of Charles’ shoulders. He waited until Charles’ grip on Grandma was subsiding. He quickly stood, picked Charles up and slammed him on the center of the table.
“Boy I heard more than I care to hear about the goings on of you and your Grandmother. Your Momma knew you would all go crazy. She voided all that mess you been reading. The last will and testament is locked in the vault at the bank. Only the Manager and I have a key. This madness is going to end tonight,” Grandpa said.
“Alicia sit your behind down and tell this boy who his father is! Charles I think the real demon lives inside of you. Take your butt to my seat and think about your

actions. What were you going to do, kill your own grandmother! None of you kids asked for this. It’s the hand you were dealt,” Grandpa Henry yelled.
He continued shouting, “What in God’s name is wrong with you?” Caroline, you are unusually quiet so I can just about figure you know more than you’re letting on. Carl, you are a good man, you deserve better. God got good things planned for you. Charles, I will continue to pray for your soul, I will rebuke the devil in the name of the Lord.”
Caroline and Carl hadn’t moved. Charles was seated at the end of the table. Grandma was at the other end.
Charles had finally done what no one had accomplished in nine years. Tears flowed steadily down Grandma’s face. She didn’t bother to wipe the tears away.

Severed Family Ties soon to be released

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Broken Family Ties by PC Marks

Check out the excerpt below and tell me what you think.

Chapter 9

Grandparent’s Rules

Alicia was awakened in the wee hours of the morning to the phone ringing. Initially, she thought she had dreamed of the ringing. When she reached for the phone all she heard was a dial tone.

Unable to fall asleep, she turned on the television. Henry’s snoring agitating her, she got out of bed. Downstairs next to her daughter’s favorite chair resting on the solid oak table… Continue

Posted on March 26, 2008 at 5:43pm — 4 Comments

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At 5:27pm on March 9, 2009, Jerry Butler said…
I would love to feature "you" as my guest on my show..If I am not your friend..please add me...also please call me @ the offc at 757 538 3540...757 971 3733 for on the banner below to be a guest...JB

At 12:26pm on October 29, 2008, Anita Diggs said…
Hi PC:

This is just a heads up - A new company is starting in 2009. It will publish novels for women over 40. In other words, the main character has to be a female, over 40 years of age. She does not have to be black. The writer's gender and age is not an issue. All genres welcome: general, mystery, romance, historical, etc. Write to Brenda Frazier for more information. Her email address is:

All best,
At 6:23pm on August 26, 2008, Vanessa Richardson said…
PC, God works in mysyerious way. That why it is alway important to be attentive to His move. He speaks and reassures. God knows what you need even before you ask it of Him. Girl, He's got this....let go and rest in Him :)

We are in the season of new begginings. Be happy God has not forgotten he knows your name. Keep writing some one is praying for your story.

At 3:29pm on August 22, 2008, Savaslas Lofton said…
Thank you for stopping by and leaving your encouraging words.
I appreciate it very much.
At 7:53pm on August 17, 2008, Charlene Wilkins said…
Guess I'm leaving this at the right place I just read the excerpt from the top and I don't usually delve out of my fantasy nook, but it's pretty interesting.
You wanted a critique, well I've never done a good one before, but the worse I saw were a few words that I think were typos (unless they were intentional)

All you can think about is money. Would you really let Charles and I finned(fend) for ourselves!

No the money isn’t all yours. Kevin being the weakling that he was let that lying no good daughter of mind(mine) trick him into believing your brothers were his up until the day they were leaving for New York,

“You are lying, he is probably both are(our) dads.

That's all I found, hope its useful, now I'll go peek at the one in your blog.
At 6:14pm on July 24, 2008, Authoress Tamika Newhouse said…
Hi i would love to have you as a featured author, there is a small donation of 80. I hope this fee is small to you a lot of other anthologies ask for way more. But this is for non pro fit. Do you undertsnad you benefits to being in the anthology. Ill send you a message soon.
At 5:45pm on July 24, 2008, Authoress Tamika Newhouse said…
thanks for the add and look forward to a great friendship
At 11:39am on July 23, 2008, Savaslas Lofton said…
I see you, never mind, Coffee Talk, hadn't shown up on your home page, that's what it was. My mistake.
At 11:37am on July 23, 2008, Savaslas Lofton said…
Have you had a chance to join Coffee Talk?
This is your invitation, no pressure though okay?
I am quite sure people would enjoy your words of life there as well.
At 11:36am on July 23, 2008, Savaslas Lofton said…
You are very gifted. Keep up the great work, love your flow.
Your friend Savaslas

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