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Comment by Kim Wilson on August 27, 2012 at 12:04pm

Email me the details of this blessing:

The Spices In Life by Kimberly Wilson

We add flavor our foods, our homes, our wardrobes and most of us add a little flavor to our lives. Meet Christine Veronica Webbster whose life is flavored with emotional, financial and social spices that fires flavor into her every waking moment.

From the day of her platinum-spoon birth into the household of the super-wealthy Webbsters, her emotional stability went on a downward spiral in to never, never land. Along the way she knowingly makes a life-long nemesis of Angelia McCarthy, acquires two Master Degrees and two multimillion dollar businesses, all the way to giving away her fortune and meeting the Grim Reaper face to face; delicious.

The Spices In Life has all the flavors in the mix.

My first novel can be ordered: B007F22K6I and it’s .99.

Thank you for your literary support. Please Facebook this to your family friends and every social circle you have; again, I’d greatly appreciate it.



Why are so many people needing to be un-acceptable. Why do they reach out to me in such a forceful manner. Do I appear to relinquish my RIGHTS as an achiever in any given effort. Read me my MEMORIES and the answer will reach out and touch someone; any one. The remedies that reside within my mind are consequences that may render one USELESS in their efforts. Recycle mandatory affections and reside amongst the COMPETITION that may master anger’s rejects. What we fail to sometimes realize is that we make MISTAKES but we are not to be held accountable for the such. RECAPTURE every demeanor that may fight to survive and within that circle, may become beknownst to you. When a TIGER cries and that they do, we can’t hear it as well as when a TREE falls and yes, it does make a SOUND. Feel me when you can’t and even when you won’t because everything I ATTEMPT to become only remembers that which may bring about my DEEPEST fear. ROARING is a call of the wild. Screaming comes from inside the closet and the mercy never rest. FAILURE can never be accounted for if the attempts are MEASURED. Record the evidence and scream it from within. Never allow FORCES to be with you; there is a heaven and the only way to know that, is to FORGIVE. Forgive when you can’t or simply when you don’t want to. Escape and FREE your…..

Knowing their mind allows the PLEASURE to revolve around what I resolute; and the REWARD will be all mine, no yours too.

Support that which is MANDATORY. I don’t think so far that which we accept is only as far as the eye can see and to only see can bring about UNBELIEF. Boldness is a fortified ELEMENT that will extinguish an enormous, burning DESIRE; there is another understanding which must be LEANED on.

Kim Wilson


Comment by Lena Williamson on March 28, 2011 at 1:00pm

Summer’s Scents


As the warm sun hovers,

the young boys pick stones.

Smooth and round,

to cut through the bone.

Murder comes bright and early

to pick a winner.

And blood of the young is shed

in time for dinner.

Small town’s crops

will harvest soon.

The sacred black box

surrounded by Husbands,

wives and their children

where they meet and commune.

Ah, the unforgettable aroma

of death in June.


Inspired by Shirley Jackson's short story The Lottery

Comment by Lena Williamson on March 28, 2011 at 12:57pm

My Land is Your Land


Welcome to the land of the free,

And home of the brave.

Built by brick and by blood,

on the backs of the slaves.

Make sure to leave

Your hopes and dreams

at the door.

Rejection, oppression and racism

greet you at our shores.

Mothers, kiss your sons

And do not look back.

They are in the hands of hustlers,

gun runners, pimps and

cocaine crack.

Fathers, hug your daughters

And hold on real tight.

Cause when you let go

Their arms will hold-

Unwanted babies, heroin tracks

and ladies of the night.

Comment by Mary on January 20, 2010 at 9:50pm
The love of you
You're just a heated pleasure With pen in tow...
How could I not hold you....?
Let your ink spill over my senses...
Transform them....
Let them simmer To a sweet thickness...
Like sugar caramelizing...
Under a slow boil…
Tantalizing you are...
As I stare into...
Onyx eyes Flirting...
Enveloping love...
Entities emerged…
Volcanic reactions…
Soon Calm
(c) 2009 Mary Muhammad
Check out Journeys of a Soul
Now in Kindle Edition at Amazon!
Comment by Kim Wilson on September 7, 2009 at 4:07am
My need to the greed outweighs my pressure to succeed as I knowingly continue in my aggressive passion to feed. This mesmerizing shit is invading everything I hope to achieve. “Stop and pass me not oh gentle Savior. You know what you do to me and I see very well what you’re doing with me. I could rant and rave and misbehave. What’s really needed are my screams and shouts and called clouts. I give a crap that you’ve been where I’ve been; my shoes don’t fit any body but me. Even being identical causes rapture in my freakin’ wind, storm! I cease to amaze myself at the gruesome habits I form; these ain’t your freakin’ shoes! I pause and weep. I stop to think, and…, alone I toil with the brutal barriers. I face my person. Enough already; Miss Me!
Release my freakin’ energy.
Let go of my freakin’ potential.
Get off my freakin’ stamina and,
I’ll bleed abundance all over you!
I see you seeing me, got another way of setting me free. I feel when you feel me; these ain’t your freakin’ shoes.
Kim Wilson
Comment by marc livingston on July 19, 2009 at 11:04am
i am wrong, so wrong in mind's mindset.
cannot lie to myself or you, have not begun banal behavior yet.
look at you,think of you,speak to you in ways that defy what is proper and respectable.
but you visage overwhelms and overcomes restraint of this mortal man; lady, tell me what else is longing, longing to do?
if tree be faltering that you cling upon, then trust that this one be strong from tallest branch to deep roots.
so pray tell, perchance you and i can conspire carnally creating nectar that runs from your forbidden fruit...


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