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Vengeance is Mines

The unfathomable voyage of passionate love to candid payback


Growing up, Neisse Abbey thought all men were as rotten to the core as the uncle who verbally molested her. There was Jawaun, her younger cousin, who attempted to rape her outside in broad daylight. She tried to block out all of the lewd and lascivious acts that overshadowed her childhood, but her love life was stagnant by unpleasant flashbacks of abuse and torment. She has endured fourteen years of celibacy and she wants nothing more than the opportunity to love a good man; or so she thinks.

With a 15-year-old prodigy, a master’s degree and career advancement well within reach, thirty-year-old Neisse Abbey finally has taken a new direction in her life. She steps out of her comfort zone and clicks on the PC. She flirts with random men on Romantic Baptism, an elegantly mastered dating site and finds, G’Andre, a preacher’s son who is a perfect gentleman.  Her mail order man convinces her to give up her vow of celibacy. Their short relationship has blossomed into something so sweet and Neisse still gets butterflies six month later.
Shortly after moving in with G’Andre, Neisse’s life begins to unravel right before her eyes. Her diagnosis of cancer along with receiving the news about her favorite aunt passing was only the start of several unforeseeable events. One day, while using G’Andre’s laptop, Neisse gains access to his email account. She is shocked by the exchange of emails between G'Andre and someone by the screen name of Mahagony_Sweetness. She confronts him and an argument ensues. She loses consciousness and becomes lucid a moment later. While lying on the floor, flashbacks of her childhood saturate her brain.  At that moment, she realizes she can no longer trust the preacher’s son.  G'Andre has betrayed her and brought back all those atrocious memories she fought so hard to suppress. He is just another rotten man; or so she thinks.

When G’Andre takes a vacation, Neisse sees an opening to freedom. Her friend changes the locks, but G’Andre returns home unexpectedly and spots her male friend leaving, he assumes that the platonic friendship is much more.  He realizes the relationship is over and he unleashes the floodgates of hell upon her by contacting various agencies, which sparks an academic and federal investigation into Neisse's suspicious dealings.
Neisse is determined to salvage her life and she hopes his vindictive jealousy and rage will not kill her spirit. She stares cancer, physical abuse and character assassination in the eyes and fights tooth and nail to survive it all. 

Vengeance is Mines is loosely based on my true story. All positive criticism is welcome.  Thanks Ywndricka

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Nothing can compare to black dialect... Here's a sample of some of the dialogue... I know it needs a little work... Thanks

Chiitra: Girl, Bishop Chase is a good God-Fearing Brotha.

Neisse: No thanks if the gossip is true, I don’t want any parts of a man who can’t take care of his own child. I can only imagine, why, he's a passenger in the church van.

Shonnie & Neisse: License taken for nonpayment of child support!!! Both said it unisons, grinning from ear to ear.

Chiitra: Y'all can’t judge the man before you know for sho.

Shonnie: Girl, when you pray for a man you have to be specific. I remember three months ago, I asked God, where are all the big dick successful brothas?

Chittra’s crows feet replaced her frown and depicted her mood clear across the restaurant. They say black don’t crack but Chiitra needs Botox Reign thought as she hurried through the wooden door of the restroom.

Chittra: That’s a vulgar way to speak to the almighty. I doubt if single deacons go around praying for double Ds and tight vajay-jays in the mist of the midnight prayer.
Wow, it hard to proofread your own work. Thanks for the compliment and employing your great editing technique... I have changed the majority of the errors above.

3. G’Andre, a preacher’s son who is a perfect[ly] gentle man. I think it is perfect gentleman?

6. She losses [looses] consciousness and a moment later becomes lucid[.] [W]hile lying on the floor, flashbacks of her childhood saturate her brain. I think it is loses consciousness. What are your recommendations for these two sentences?
Thanks for all your help


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