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Dwight Bonair

Slavery is a terrible thing; this is true, but for whom that is the question. First thing, people should know is where and why slavery was created. Slavery is the apprentice and master concept perverted due to the lust of power. The masters became corrupted by power and started to see themselves as gods to be worshipped instead as masters that should hand down wisdom. At the same time the apprentice became impatient and deceptive and didn’t want to go through steps to become a master and take the wisdom and run off. The universe is constantly looking forward to growing and will not let anything get in its way. Masters began to become selective in whom they will teach this became a problem. These issues demonize the process and created slavery this is why they are called slave masters, if you look at ancient history you can see it.
When advance men created cities they did it willing and freely with joy in their heart. Then mostly likely one day an un-advance tribe of nomads stumbled on their city, the first thought was not to interact with them. Many High priests advised their kings not to interact with the un-advance. You can see this in Egyptian history for, example the Greeks and the Jews were nomads. If a few thousand people came to your door step hungry and lost what would you do, leave them in the desert? Some kings had sympathy and helped them but since they were not considered equal or competent in the eyes of the advance. They left them in the outskirts of the cities; allowed to them feed one another and work. The Egyptians did not look for slaves or inferior people in their eyes they came to them and being humanitarians they took care of them. In the Beginning they did little interacting with them because they knew the dangers. Slave where never to see the inner sanctions of the Egyptian cities or even more the palace it would be too much for their eyes and they would get the wrong idea. Not to sound foul, but it would be like bringing a wild animal indoors they are not trained nor designed to be indoor and they will destroy everything.
But while Egypt grew they became more lenient and corrupted within themselves, they started to become dependent on the slaves and started feeling a scene of power from ownership. In the beginning you would  ask to be a slave; if you didn’t want to you could leave and face the harsh desert, they really didn’t want you. But later they became deceptive and started buying and bargaining time from slaves; they would make you a slave for a certain amount of years to pay off a family depth.Here is where they started messing up they started to believe one set of slave was better than the next. Those who were servants in Egypt started wanting to be served themselves, they wanted to feel the same as kings and queens like royalty. So they started obtaining slaves and allowing the slaves to serve them; Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. The thing the high Priest and others knew is that a slave will always hate their master regardless. If your treats a human being like an animal they will always want vengeance and universally they would get it. Now by allowing them into the city you are allowing them to get closer to a goal and dream to be equal.
This sounds good right; but the problem is you program them to believe they are savages and have inferior mind state. So know they are deceptive in their approach to being civilize, which truthfully defeats the purpose. Can’t have class if you think you’re low class, you will just be deceiving yourself and others.
Now what you are supposed to do, is first reprogram the person or yourself to think they are not inferior and know that they are competent. Because if not they would believe that, for them to be civil you have to be uncivil, welcome to western thinking or sanity. This is one of the reasons why great nations fall, Egypt and Roman fell through this thinking and inner corruption. It makes everything you do seem foul even the gods you worship. Regardless if you know it or not the Jews and Greeks incorporated a lot of the religion and thinking form the Egyptians for god is god, they’re just usually giving a different name or different from.
When you have slaves; you create and embrace your worst enemy, you give what you consider less, the opportunity to become stronger through hardship, determination and of course teaching them something new.
While you calling yourself master, trust me they learning, while you are slaking off they are hustling. While you are taking it easy they are put hard work in. Sooner or later you will find yourself working harder and harder to keep them down; next thing you notice you’re trying to catch up.
So slavery is a terrible thing; but to  whom and this is where the madness lies; and where you can see god at his finest. Be careful what you ask for you might get it.The true concept of the slave an the master is not a good concept for it brings suffering to both parties, it is more a sane mind state. The better concept is teacher and student which would be great and easy but wouldn’t happen, understand the fear of teaching someone who would soon rise above you; makes you cautious.The Egyptians where every secretive and prejudice and would not teach others this knowledge. This was the only way to allow others to learn was to trick the Egyptians into enslaving outsiders since they want to be like gods. This will help bring universal growth from friction and was the only way to keep things moving.
Now let’s look at American slavery which is European; they tried to enslave many before they enslaved the blacks. The native Indians would rather die. The East Indians were too weak and then they tried the Africans who were perfect. But if you look at it, was it white men or god who the white men was idolizing through freemasonry that allowed them to enslave the Africans, to give them the opportunity to grow from their own evolved knowledge.
You could tell that white men didn’t know much about slavery cause of some of the slave they picked; African slaves were mostly capture revival tribes men. They were more prisoners than slaves and white men would buy them from tribes. If you don’t know a slave history you shouldn’t purchase a slave especially if they are not a slave. You might be purchasing trouble in the future. The tribes who were selling them knew this so, when they were selling slaves to the white man they were screwing them. Because they wanted to get the strong out of the way and let them become somebody else’s problem. That would mean less strong rivals for their children to deal with. Some slaves might have seen themselves as slaves but others most likely the rebellious ones saw it differently. These are the ones who mostly study the master, tricked him at his own game and took advantage of the situation. At the end the same thing that brought the southern white man prosperity created his down fall.
Western tribal African got the opportunity to leave tribal living to cultivate the new world. Yes, there is unspeakable hardship and suffering but deep in their minds they knew their children will have a better life. This is also the thinking of the universe it did what was necessary to keep it moving. The southern white man took on having a slave as a luxury which is foolish.In time constantly dealing with people like they are slaves will soon make you a slave. To be a master at something you must embrace it, you must live it. A karate master is a master of karate he/she lives karate, is karate. To be a slave master is to be a master of slavery; you must be a slave yourself, to treat someone like crap means you yourself must be crap. Regardless if the white man knows it or not he was transforming himself into a slave. You never hear of a king having a slave it was known slave couldn’t even enter a palace. They had royal servants; the best at their craft they respected the king and the kingdom. Most slave owners where simple farmers who needed the help, only a slave would get joy in being served by another slave. I never went to a restaurant and got waited on by a dirty bum; and I never will.
The madness in slavery is simple, it was necessary because man in the whole could not fully cope with the power. The ability to pass on the power and receive the power at that time was a conflict. It made the master feel like a god and the apprentice to feel like a savage or less. The problem is if you think your god you are saying there is nothing greater. The universe has no problem showing that there is more and will use you to create it. If you are a savage then you are saying the universe or god is too, it will act like so till you wish more for yourself and want to grow.
Slavery is one of mankind’s worst demon’s and needs to be freed from our soul it can only be done by understand why it was necessary. This will free the darkness of it from our mind, most demons are just misunderstood which make us damn them. There is no race on earth that is not affected by slavery and is still present in all of us. To be truly mad you must resolve it or the karma will really harm you one way or another.
The karmic conflict which echoes throughout our history in slavery is the guilt of the Slave master children and the Shame of the Slave children. If either cannot get over it there cannot be karmic resolution. For the slave master children will always fear retaliation from the slave’s children and karma. The slave children will always be looking for redemption and never feel a scene of closure or compensation from the slave master children or karma. These unresolved karmic actions are some of the reasons why people are going insane.

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