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TITLE: Tomorrow’s Children Legend of the Ells
AUTHOR: J.T. Wheeling
PUBLISHER: The Black Leaf Publishing Group http://www.blackleafpublishers.comNovember 2, 2009
COPYRIGHT: 2009, The Black Leaf Publishing Group
PAGES: 204
PRICE: $13.75 (US), £10.60 (UK)
FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN-10: 1907407022
ISBN-13: 9781907407024

“Go on, Marc, get him before he runs. Let’s strip him and throw him in the dung heap, that’s where dirty Ells belong.” Marc, a full head taller than Yani, reached out to grab Yani’s hair.

Last night the dream message had changed. “Today is your fourteenth birthday, now your powers awaken and you can begin to fight.” ~ excerpt from Tomorrow’s Children Legend of the Ells by J.T. Wheeling.

We meet Yani on his fourteenth birthday and his life changes that day. First, his good friend Mika dies. Then, he begins a journey with his faithful dog, Bob, across 25th century Spain. Not only that, but Yani discovers that he can somehow make fire fly out of a broomhandle!

Along Yani’s journey, he makes the first friends his own age. He’s been a stable boy his whole life and has only known bullies. He tells his new friends about his life. He also tells them how he was forced to work for the town bullies and was constantly called a ‘dirty Ell.’ But he doesn’t know what an Ell is. He is convinced that it’s something bad. Will his new friends tell him what an Ell is?

His friends are heading for a town called Altania. They tell Yani that he will find out everything he wants to know. But they have no idea who they have just befriended or of the adventures they’re in for!

When Yani and his friends reach Altania, he is sent to The Tower. He is told that he must go now. There’s no time to lose! What is The Tower and what happens there? Is it some sort of punishment for running away from the bullies he worked for?

When the evil Count Aranda learns of Yani, Lord Zandor disappears along with one of Yani’s new friends.

Their dangerous adventures never stop! They escape many more cruel bullies on their journey. Yani and his friends even have to battle raging rivers, fight gorrats with his staff and even rescue a damsel in distress!

One question remains for Yani. Who is he?

Tomorrow’s Children The Legends of the Ells is the first book of a trilogy. I highly recommend this science fiction/fantasy. This page turner had me this reviewer enthralled. There are so many twists and turns I found this book so hard to put down. I can’t wait to read the next book!

To learn more about the author please visit his website at: You can purchase your copy of Tomorrow’s Children Legend of the Ells at the author’s website or at

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