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The New York Journal of Books continues to add reviewers. We aim to become the premier source – bar none – for professional, highly respected book reviews, with a large panel of credentialed reviewers critiquing
more books than any existing book review. 
We are steadily adding qualified reviewers and will continue to do this
on an ongoing basis.  PLEASE REPLY ONLY


There is currently no purely on-line review whose reviewers are as credentialed as
the long-respected premier print review publications.  In light of the shift from print to on-line
content, there is an opportunity to establish a purely on-line book review
positioned to capture the ongoing growth of the on-line audience.  Moreover, by assembling a broad panel of
highly-credentialed reviewers the Journal is positioning to offer far more
comprehensive coverage of new books than any other book review.  While it will be critical to review major new
titles as they are released, the Journal aims to review more books in niche or
non-mainstream genres than are
infrequently Calibri;mso-fareast-font-family:Calibri;mso-hansi-font-family:Calibri;
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publications.  The NYJB aims to also
review more books written by first-time authors and books published by smaller
independent houses that are
mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman"'> spurned by the major reviews.  This is both a new enterprise and a “labor of


If you are an author, this is an opportunity to publish reviews in your own genre, thereby promoting your own name and book(s). We also seek individuals with specific expertise, whether published authors or not,  whose writing/reviewing meets our professional
standard to review non-fiction books on those topics in which they have
extensive expertise.  Non-authors must be
highly credentialed in field of expertise, have a sharp critical eye, and
compelling and professional writing skills. 
Reviewers’ names will appear at the end of the review with reference to
their most recent work if an author.  For
others your byline and presence as a reviewer is an opportunity to augment your
credentials as an expert. We seek uncommon skill in the critique and the
writing.  The reputation of this new
venture will be underpinned by the unimpeachable intellect, insight, and
expertise of the reviewer, along with a strong, credentialed byline.


By design, we have not sought publicity or high ranking among search engines.  The current website is running as a beta.  We are in
the early stages of building out a permanent, unique, state-of-the-art website
with extraordinary functionality to be filled with compelling content and an
unparalleled on-line experience for readers selecting books.  Upon completion of the website and once we
gain a critical mass of reviews we will fully launch, promoting the Journal
both on- and off-line.  In the meantime,
in the beta site does publish reviews of books that have been reviewed both
extensively and minimally – if at all. 
Additionally, we provide links to our honest and balanced reviews to
publishing contacts should they wish to use quotes and a reviewers name for
promotional purposes.  Like any beta,
ours also provides us with important insight for the design of the permanent
site.  We anticipate that our permanent
site will enable visitors to easily navigate to a webpage highlighting all
reviews by a favorite reviewer.  Here we
will be able to include a link to a reviewer/author’s website.


We prefer to review books ahead of publication or very close to release.  We work with publishers to provide our reviewers with a complementary advance reader’s copy of a book or a
set of bound galleys, delivered to your address. There is no limit on the
length of reviews, but we would anticipate as an on-line book review that 3-5
paragraphs of about 400-1000 words at minimum will be sufficient.  At times reviewers will be asked to review
books they have not selected.  However,
reviewers are encouraged to decline any book that they prefer not to read.  Reviewers all set their own pace for
submitting reviews.  In short it is a
priority that each reviewer on our panel is enjoying themselves, not burdened
and rushing to meet a deadline.


We do not anticipate any material profit until we establish credibility and are able to commercialize.  Only then will the Journal be in a position to compensate reviewers.  We believe that
most writers are underpaid for their work. It is our sincere hope and plan that
the success of the New York Journal of Books will provide a source of
supplementary income for all reviewers.  At
that point compensation will be tiered so that those who publish ahead of
commercialization will always be paid at some premium versus those who join
when we are immediately able to compensate reviewers.



Please email if interested.


Please include as much specific background detail information that establishes your credentials as a reviewer for one or more genres/topics, including your publisher and/or names of publications where we may see your
writing, including, of course, any experience reviewing books.   We are pleased to review samples of your work
delivered as an email attachment or via a link. 
(Please indicate if you are a “self-published” author.)  Please also indicate the genres/topics you
are most interested in reviewing -- listed sequentially according to your
preference, if any.  It will also be
useful to know how frequently you would anticipate submitting reviews.  (We favor quality over quantity.  Everyone produces quality work at a different
pace.)  Resumes are helpful, particularly
for authors whose other endeavors relate to their genre, as is a sample review
if you have one on hand.  If not, we
provide format guidelines upon request, and thereafter accept a review of a
most recently read book in a reviewer’s genre. 
(We are not formulaic.  Our
guidelines are primarily about formatting.) 
We will respond to all who apply to become reviewers for this venture.


We are always grateful for any suggestions as to content, site features, etc. from reviewers and others.  We have a clear vision for the Journal. 
We also strongly believe that tapping the ideas of a collective and
diverse group who each look at the world at least a bit differently is
immensely valuable.


Ted Sturtz, Editor-in Chief, the New York Journal of Books



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