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I am frustrated because, although I only charge $2.00 per page for developmental editing, many writers seem to have a problem with the price and want to haggle with me about it. I'm also annoyed by the fact that many writers do not know the difference between a developmental editor, copyeditor and production editor. It seems to me that if you're serious about making it in a new industry, you should do your homework. Okay, thanks for listening to me whine (smile). Anyone have some good news to share?

Anita Diggs has worked as a developmental book editor for Random House, Time Warner Trade Publishing and Thunder’s Mouth Press. She has lectured across the country on the topics of novel writing, book proposal development and how to get a literary agent. The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, C-Span, The New York Daily News have interviewed her. Columbia Journalism Review placed Ms. Diggs on their “The Shapers” list for the year 2000. The Shapers is a list of prominent New Yorkers who shape the national media agenda. Email:

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With your listed credentials you should lay out the definitions and prices for each distinctive service category and charge them $5.00 per page. They will then haggle you down to $3.50 per page and feel good inside about it.

With your credentials I am sure that the service you are able to provide your clients as compared to the services of someone in your business with less credentials amounts to the difference between eating out and dining out.

With your credentials and if your clients get what they paid for it then they should recognize the difference between a picture and a painting and not complain.

Enoch Mubarak
President & CEO Mubarak Inter-prizes
Hi Enoch!

Thanks for the words of advice. I have set my prices now and I don't get involved in haggling at all. My life is a lot smoother now (smile). Happy Holidays!
Hi Vanessa:

My life has changed for the better now (smile). I have set my new rates and I don't get involved in haggling at all. I am truly sorry that you wasted so much money. Sorry about anything that I said which was a "turn off." I didn't mean to insult anyone.

All best,
I feel your pain because I am one of those writers who says "ouch" I've paid anywhere from $5 a page to $1 a page. And I can honestly say, the editing ability doesn;t always follow the price. But as a fellow artist, I appreciate a good editor. $4 and $5 is simply too steep for me, when I am self-publishing a 200-300 page novel. And its not that the Price is above rate, it is a realization that if I don't get to moving and sell some books, I never recoup the $800-$1000. I joined this site because I DO love writing and am also starting a professional writing support network (The Writing Well) Anyone interested, please go to my webpage, check it out and lets go. Basically I want us as artists (editors, graphic artists, photographers, web designers, etc) to start leveraging each other's skills. Not into joining grouyps just to say remember another account, website and password. LOL

I feel you Anita. How's it going thus far?
See, that's what I am talking about. Hope you two hook up. Real networking at work.
I've thought about charging by the page, but not all pages are created equally. Some writers really know what they're doing while others need more help. I always ask to read the manuscript first before giving a quote. This has worked for me, but I really enjoy reading how other editors deal with this issue. Thanks for venting!!
Okay Donna sent you an emaIl. Cant wait to check out your prices.


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