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How long should an author wait after their first book has been published before they start to write their second one?

I am wrestling with this now. I have already mind mapped my second book, and I want to begin writing but I am still promoting and trying to get my first book established.

I welcome feedback or personal experiences on this topic. Thanks


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Great question! I'm going to share it with our twitter and facebook followers so we can see diverse opinions. 

My personal opinion is that you should be marketing the heck out of the first book and start writing the second book as soon as the muse hits you. Ideas don't stay fresh forever, you know! Please note that I said to really focus on selling the first book. While you have plans for a second, you don't need to let anyone know yet. What you want is for fans to beg you for more. 

Be sure to give yourself some hard and fast marketing goals for the first book. For example, you may make a goal of eBook sales of 5,000 and print sales of 1,000 - whatever makes sense to you and your plan. When you hit those marks, you'll know there is solid interest in your work and you can satiate those hungry followers with continued stories. 

So -

  • Have a plan and calendar goals for book one.
  • Write book two as soon as you like, but wait for reader buy-in before whipping out fresh content. 

What do our other members think? Tell us in the comments below what your experience was (is).



Thanks for th reply. What you wrote makes sense. I think I will wait a while before I publish, but I will continue to do research and write. Thanks. 

Hi Matt... I give you my experience. I published my first book in April 2013, and I will publish my second book in August 2013. When I formed my Indie publishing company, I decided I would try to publish a book every April and August.  I have read countless blog articles about marketing and how you HAVE to market your book and get on social media day and night and promote it.  That is all well and good, and must be done to a certain extent, but the best piece of advice I've received is this:  the best marketing for your first book is publishing your second book, and your third, and so on.  As a writer, you must decide how much time you have for writing and marketing.  For me, I still work full-time so my writing time is somewhat limited.  However, I thought long and hard about why I write my fiction, what I wanted to accomplish with my fiction.   Now, I admit I had five completed novels before I published my first book (I write my novels mostly in the month of November), so I'd had my second novel written but not edited yet when I published my first book.  Bottom line, in my opinion, is to publish your second book as soon as it's practical for you.  Good luck!

Jennifer...Thanks for the feedback and good luck with your book next month.

I have 18 books out.  They are non-fiction and I have access to a lot of information so I did not wait at all in writing my book.  I have been on tour since Jan. 2, 2013, so I promote my books together.

18- Wow!!!  I don't have that many ideas. Thanks.

Very good question. The best time to start working your next novel believe it or not is immediately after releasing the first one. Many books should be released within a year of each other. This helps keep your momentum going especially if you have a great marketing and sales plan for your first novel. It also provides readers with just enough time to not lose interest. You never want to have your reading audience forget about your work because the next book was published to far an in between. You can check out http://platinumstarz.wordpress for more information on both marketing and working on your fiction.


Thanks for your reply and the link. I appreciate it.


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