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Though all my books are available in electronic format, I never really pushed my ebooks, instead focusing all my efforts on the paperbacks. However, I received the following email that changed my opinion:

I read my first Gaston Book.
Lost Hours is a great read.
I got your book as an e-book
I haven't been able to read for 10 years
I am a quadriplegic
And can't turn the pages.
I really appreciate you
Allowing your book to be an e-book.

I was not only touched by her words, but by how important ebooks were to her.
My question: Are you pushing the electronic formats of your books?

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I published my first book Wisdom for the Soul: Five Millennia of Prescriptions for Spiritual Healing as an e-book over a year ago and have yet to get a single order for this format. I think it's a trend that will grow but not as quickly as industry pundits would like to project. For many, myself included, a book is more than just its content. It's an aesthetic object that carries an intrinsic value. People still like to hold and feel the weight, paper texture, cover design, and even smell. This is the reason folks will still purchase books even if the content is posted online. There's an interesting article from New York Times on this.

I wonder how many members of this group have offered their books to Google for online search and access? Both my titles are available in their entirety on Google Books; i'm confident that anyone who really likes books will purchase copies even though the content is freely available online. This may not hold true for fiction writers the impact of whose novels may turn on plot developments.
Greetings Larry,

What's the website address for your e-book?
wow this is an eye opener, tyou for sharing.
It never donned on me to even try to place my book into an electronic format. Is it working for you? Do you need a publisher or do you control all activity? Last question, I promise (!): How do you do it? I have one book out that my agent is trying to sell, but I m writing so many more as we speak. Any help/info would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!
M. Jeanette Mays
My book Lost Hours has been doing okay as an electronic book. Of course, paper versions have far exceeded those sales but electronic has opened up an audience that I might not have had. If your book(s) are on, they are currently accepting books into their Kindle program. If you're self published, I believe the publishing company has options for books to be converted to electronic. Check out some electronic seller sites:,, www.mobipocket. You will see that even the larger publishing houses have jumped on the electronic bandwagon; so there is a market for them. Admittedly, there is little money to be made in the current market but the demand is growing. Use electronic publishing as an additional format choice for readers, but stick with paper versions.

Hope that helps.
Thank you for giving tangible resources for all to use.

If you were to publish your own e-book you'll find that you may keep about 97% of the profit as there are no printing or shipping cost. In addition, the distributor nor the retailer participate in the revenue generation. The upside in earning potential for an e-book far exceeds that of a paperback.

With the right consulting one will see that this is the perfect time to put a great amount of energy into building their foundation for increased e-book sells. The seeds you plant today will yield the fruit you eat tomorrow. This is especially true as it relates to online (Internet) marketing and e-commerce. Here are some sites to help you facilitate your monetizing your web presence: Make Money Self Publishing, Make Money Online Goldmine, Make Money on the Internet, Money Online Seminar, How to Self-Publish for Profit.

JaWar -Motivational Speaker/Author/Business Consultant speaks and consults on making money online, personal achievement, self-publishing your own book/ebook and the music business. Schedule JaWar as a featured speaker or consultant by calling 678-887-4656.
Greeting Jeanette,

All of my books are available as paperback and ebooks. Tuesday this past week one of my books was downloaded from someone in Italy, I live in Atlanta. For details on using the same system I use to create and publish your ebook visit Make Money Self-Publishing.
oh gawd you know I am.

The international sales have been phenomenal and I get so many emails from people who can't afford to buy american english books paperbound and they get an opportunity to buy it online as an ebook.

This is a market that many AA authors are missing out on and that should be seriously looked at.

I even had a woman in China who emailed me and said she read the entire novel from her phone. The techonolgy is growing and soon we'll be left in the dust if we don't understand the technology early as possible.

BTW, I do have an Internet Marketing Guide for writers available on my site that explains ebook technology
you can also upload on Amazon's Kindle all by yourself


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